A Clean Up After Building Work And Maintenance

09Feb 2015

If you have had a big job done on your home or office then it’s quite likely that it has left a mess. Builders don’t always clean up after themselves and if you have done the job yourself it’s obvious that it will be up to you to clean the mess afterwards. Let’s hope you are happy with the results of your new home or office and you just want things to look smart and clean again. Here are some tips to help get you through.-    Get friends involved. If you have a big job and a lot of big items to move then you might want to get some friends drawn in. A builders cleaning job cannot be the best so if there are heavy items then you may need help with the lifting. Try bribing your friends with promises of food and drinks.-    Hire a skip. If you have a lot of items that are going to need throwing away then it may be best to hire a skip to get the bulk out of the way. If you don’t have the budget for a skip then contact your local council. Most councils will take away large items or bags of rubbish for free if you give them notice. There is often a limit to the amount they will take per household so make sure you check in advance.-    Time for a domestic clean. Once heavy items are out of the way it’s time to get cleaning. Be careful of any nails or sharp objects that may have been left behind. The best way to start is to sweep up any dust and dirt and use a bucket with warm soapy water and a sponge to clean down. This will help you clean up your skirting boards, shelves and floors from all the dust that may have fallen.-    Carpet cleaning. If your carpets suffered from the work then try using a stiff broom or brush to get out some of the dirt that has got deep into the fibers. Then they will be easier to hoover up. You may need to repeat the steps a couple of times to get all the dust and debris up.-    Upholstery cleaning. If things have spread onto your fabrics then try using a lint roller or sticky tape to lift of the dust. This works for sofa cleaning too; you can also use a brush to get off the more stubborn areas. -    Walls can get stained from work done in the home. Tackle them with lemon juice or vinegar to remove any stains. Dilute with water so that you don’t damage your paint work. This will also work for areas with stuck on grime and dirty footprints that may have been left behind.-    Finishing touches. You can go over areas with a dry towel to make sure everything is looking clean as it dries. This will also pick up any leftover dirt that may have escaped other methods. Don’t forget areas that may have been missed like behind doors or under rugs and furniture. Use a good polish on any wood surfaces to get them shining again. For wooden floors you can go over them with a floor cleaner or damp mop to make sure you have got every last bit.-    Consider hiring a cleaning company. If you can stretch to it, professional cleaners are able to provide a clean up after building work. That way it takes the hassle away from you. They will also assist you with any waste removal needed.

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