How To Get Your Rug Looking As Good As New

23Jan 2015

Rugs add a beautiful atmosphere to any home and can liven up even the dullest room. However, because rugs are generally placed in high traffic areas, they are exposed to multiple feet walking across them on a daily basis. This can lead to dirt becoming ingrained in the rug fibres and fading occurring in some areas of the rug. It is shame for this to happen to rugs as they are expensive and delicate. Thankfully, this can all be avoided with some top tips about rug cleaning that will get your rug looking as good as new once again. Vacuuming is generally the best strategy for taking care of your rug. At least once a month, flip your rug onto its back and vacuum the surface here. This can be done using any type of vacuum such as a beater brush or rotating brush. When you vacuum the front of the rug, it is best to just use a suction head, particularly for wool rugs. Vacuuming both sides will ensure that the dust particles are thoroughly removed from the middle fibres that can otherwise be neglected. However, if your rug has fringes or tassels, it is best not to vacuum these as it can lead to inconvenient fraying of the material. Instead, you can fluff these by hand to help make them look healthy and new.When it comes to cleaning using products on your rug, you need to be careful when doing a DIY home cleaning job. Many carpet sprays and shampoos are designed specifically for synthetic carpets, not rugs. If you do want to use a shampoo or spray, you should do a spot test. Also test how colour fast your rug is by using a damp cotton towel and dabbing the rug. When spills or stains do occur on your rug, it is vital to attend to them immediately. Use just a cotton towel that dry and blot the area affected. Continue blotting and turning the towel over until the stain is wholly removed. It is important not to rub the towel in a circle as this can be very damaging to the rug.If you have domestic pets that like to lie on the rug, this can leave an odour. However, pet odours can be naturally removed using basic home ingredients. Mixing three parts of water with one part of vinegar, a natural deodorising solution is made. Use a white, clean towel to blot areas of the rug you feel are most affected by your pets. Again, make sure you blot the rug using the towel and do not rub in a circle. The main thing to remember with rug care is that different materials need to be treated in different ways. When undertaking any cleaning task with your rug, make sure you read the instruction care directions on the label. If you are unsure at any time how to clean your rug, make sure you research the type of rug material it is to gain more information on quality care for your rug. Typically, the best way to ensure your rug gets the best cleaning treatment is to contact professional cleaners. There are many cleaning services that specialise in domestic cleaning such as rug care. When you hire through a cleaning agency you have the peace of mind that the cleaners know the best ways to treat, clean and dry rugs without causing any damage.

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