Keep that Bathroom Clean: Five Simple Steps

23Apr 2013

Similar to the task of cleaning the kitchen, your bathroom can often get a little neglected. If cleaned once a week or more frequently depending on your living situation, your bathroom will be a lot easier to maintain. Again, you will spend a lot of your time in the bathroom, at least a few times a day and more so if you have a toilet and bathroom combined. Luckily, most bathrooms consist and are made of durable materials that are very easy to clean and keep clean. Porcelain and tile surfaces are stain-resistant which means scum and dirt will not be able to build-up or live on them. A good way to keep on top of cleaning your bathroom is to rinse out the bathtub or shower after every use. And use a sponge to wipe the surfaces for an extra thorough clean. With this step by step guide, you will find cleaning your bathroom will become a habit in your living ritual.

Step 1

Gather together suitable products such as bleach, gloves, sponges, brushes, a mop and a bucket. Start with the surfaces such as countertops and basins. These tend to get grubby the easiest. Anything from toothpaste to shampoo will make their mark but are easy to remove. Wipe down and scrub away any debris. The good thing about cleaning your bathroom is you can use the shower hose to rinse.

Step 2

After you’ve tackled the surfaces, move on to the mirrors. You can use a glass or window spray and kitchen roll to achieve a sparkling, shiny finish. However, a dry cloth is just as effective and easy. Storing a cloth or two in your bathroom will come in handy for cleaning your mirrors on a regular basis to keep on top form.

Step 3

The shower and bath need to be kept as sanitary as possible so as well as regularly rinsing down, spray these surfaces or soak with a bleach solution for a squeaky clean and shiny finish. For best results, leave for five minutes before washing clean.

Step 4

Replace any towels and mats. This should be part of your cleaning regime at least every two weeks or so, in order to maintain the hygiene of your bathroom.  Remember to give the shower curtain or walls (depending on what you have fitted) a good clean down to disregard of any built-up mildew. A disinfectant spray will do the job efficiently.

Step 5

Clean your toilet with a suitable product such as chlorine bleach. Leave to soak for ten minutes or however long is recommended on the label. Using a toilet brush, scrub the interior and flush away once you have finished. For a quick fix, disposable toilet brushes contain toilet cleaner which make the job a lot more efficient. And for a much deeper clean, leave to soak overnight. To finish, mop the flooring and leave to dry naturally. Doing so during the day will speed up the process.

These five easy and simple steps will ensure your bathroom is in tiptop condition and you’ll soon come to find that cleaning your bathroom will become second nature to you rather than a chore you put off day after day. Remember, these steps are entirely dependant on your living situation and how much time you can set aside, but use these as a guideline for a clean and stress-free bathroom.

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