Oven Cleaning Made Simple

23Dec 2014

Oven cleaning is a large job that many people shy away from. You will find that the main reason for this is that it can be a really difficult job, and once you have spent a little time ignoring the oven, then the likelihood is that there will be a considerable build up of grease and grime on the inside of the oven already. For this reason, it is always best to tackle it fairly often, in order to keep the process down to one of wiping down the insides, rather than scraping through burnt on residue. If you can do this, then you will never have too much of an issue with the oven cleaning, but if you are in a position where you are stuck with an oven full of dirt, then you may need to look over the following tips and tricks to get it back to a manageable state. First off, you need to get some powerful oven cleaner. This stuff can burn your skin as it is very strong, and that means that you should wear gloves. This is not your normal kitchen cleaning, so do not use oven cleaner on other surfaces, as it may ruin them, especially nicer laminates. Make sure that you are wearing work clothing that can get dirty, as the scrubbing process may well flick some dirt back at you, though if you are careful this can be avoided.Take out the racks from the oven and soak them in oven cleaner whilst you work on the oven itself. If left for long enough, the cleaning agent will break through any residue left on the racking and this will mean that they can be wiped clean at a later point. You will find that the time taken to clean the oven will usually be enough for this to be the case. Before you spray the oven with the cleaning fluid, try breaking up some of the harder areas of dirt. Sometimes grease will build up in a way that means it is rather hard to cut through with a bush, and a scraper or sharper tool is the only way to get rid of it. Do this before applying the cleaner, as it will make the cleaner’s job easier.You should spray down the inside of the oven with the cleaning spray, and leave it for half an hour with the door closed. This again will give it time to work on the grease and dirt in there, the chemicals breaking through them in order to make the scrubbing part of the job a fair bit easier. You will find that when you come to have a go at scrubbing the dirt away a stiff brush will be a great help in terms of scraping away the dirt. Once the dirt is gone, rinse the oven out and clean of the racks. Your oven should look good as new!If you are thinking that this sounds like a lot of work, then you will often be able to get cleaning contractors to do the job for you, to ensure that you are not on your hands and knees unnecessarily. You will find that a cleaning service will often be able to do these sorts of things a lot more quickly and effectively than you would, and without you having to do anything more than pay them! The speed in which a professional cleaner can do this sort of job means that the pay will be low as well!

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