Types Of Cleaning Jobs

02Apr 2013

Most people don’t regard cleaning as a very glamorous job, but the truth is cleaning is one of the easiest jobs out there and it shouldn’t be underestimated. For most cleaning jobs you don’t have to train or study anything – all you need is the right equipment and products and you are ready to start. Of course cleaning is tiring and time-consuming, but it’s definitely not the worst job in the world and there are plenty of opportunities to try. There are various types of cleaning businesses and therefore there are plenty of cleaning jobs which have different specifics and activities.

Starting a cleaning business can be very rewarding, as this is a field in which you can grow and expand, by offering new services and improving your service all the time. Since most people look for cleaning services online, it’s important to have a good website that is user-friendly, where people can ask for a quote for their cleaning job. Here is a list of cleaning jobs and what they include:

•    Preventive Maintenance/Full Time Cleaning job: This job includes general cleaning and sanitation of all the areas in commercial and residential buildings. Sometimes the job includes minor fittings and repairs of things.
•    Housekeeping job: Housekeeping is one of the most popular cleaning jobs, which includes a variety of activities, including sanitation and tidying up. A housekeeping job is for hotels, houses and offices and it can be done with minimum experience and training.

•    Assistant Executive Housekeeper: This is the person who supervises the activities of the housekeepers and oversees their job, thus ensuring quality service. This person has to determine the area of the house or office that requires maximum sanitation and care. Often these people attend important events or take care of VIP guests of hotels. Having previous experience is advisable for this job, but it’s not a must.

•    Office Cleaner: Cleaning an office is quite different from cleaning a house to begin with. The first and biggest difference is the working hours – either after working hours, very early in the morning or even at night. The goal is no interruption of the working process in the building. Usually a team of cleaners is required to clean the whole office premises – quickly and effectively.

•    Part-time Housekeeping Service: This job has the same activities as the full time housekeeping, but for fewer hours a day.

•    Cleaning Personnel: This job is for people hired by cleaning companies and working for a monthly wage. The duties are divided among the different workers and everyone has their own task for the day.

There are plenty of cleaning jobs opportunities today – cleaning carpets, steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, housekeeping, clearance, end of tenancy cleaning, etc. All of these jobs require skills, energy and time and bring a profit just like any other job. One of the great things about cleaning jobs is the opportunity to learn a lot about the business from the inside. Many cleaning companies or franchise businesses have been started by people who used to work as cleaners themselves. It’s definitely a quick way to learn and master the basics of the job. Moreover, a cleaning business doesn’t require a huge startup budget and can even be started from home.

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