Why An End Of Tenancy Clean Is So Important To Have

14Jan 2015

Moving house is a bittersweet moment. We have spent so long living in one place that when it comes down to actually leaving, sometimes we don’t even want to. One of the most important things when we leave a place is the end of tenancy cleaning. We’ve lived in the place for so long, that we’ve done really well to give it a good sweep, mop and vacuum for the most bit however leaving a place often includes leaving it better than you found it, and that alone in itself is a challenge. So how do you go about doing this? You basically hire a cleaning company to take care of this for you. You may even decide to do it by yourself, however for all the money in the world, it is not worth the tiredness that comes along with it, not to mention if you suffer with allergies, it only makes the situation 10 times worse. We have put together a quick start guide that will enable to search for the best cleaning agency that is out there, to make your move much simpler and easier both on your wallet and on your search: •    Figure out what actually needs doing. Some things you may want to take care of yourself. It may be just cleaning a carpet or two or maybe polishing up the kitchen, however if it is the whole flat or house you are after, your absolute best bet is to hire a cleaning company that will be able to do all of this for you within a couple of hours. With their efficiency, reliability and ease, they make sure that they leave your place pristine and beautiful as like the day you walked in. Make a list of what they need to do, so that when you look to obtain a quote from them, you know exactly what the cleaning professionals are actually coming in to do!•    Establish your budget. If you’re working with a limited budget, then it is wise to do some of the cleaning yourself. If you are not too bothered and have some extra money to spare, it is a good investment to get an end of lease cleaning done. A budget helps you determine which company is within reach and how long you need to be hiring them for. Once your budget has been established, call different end of tenancy cleaning companies and request a quote. Ensure that they always add the VAT to your quote before they give it to you, because there is nothing worse than a company saying “Well, that’s exclusive of VAT”. That’s not the best way to leave a place and start a new life anywhere else.•    Find out if the company you are hiring is reputable. You can find out if a company is reputable by finding often if they are on Companies House or when it comes down to even their location. Even if the cleaning agency is a sole trader, they will have a professional website that you can use to get in touch with as well as a phone number and a working e-mail address that is able to connect you. Scammers often miss a lot of details out which means that they can be easily caught out. If something doesn’t “feel” right, it is often because it isn’t.

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