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Need a reliable carpet cleaning service in Ilford? We at House Cleaning can offer you a large range of one time or regular cleaning service for your flat, house or office. Servicing the cleaning needs of the Ilford area for roughly 15 years we're proud to count many of our neighbors and friends as some our most valued customers. So if you're located in or around the Ilford area, feel free to call us anytime on 020 3397 7817. Our friendly representatives will provide you with information about our discounts and special offers in your area.

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Welcoming different and new things allows us to live a much more interesting and exciting life and initialising a difference can make things even better. Relocating from one home to another or moving your firm to a new location can bring many advantages that will assist in and improve your life for years to come. You should be ready for this next big step not just because of what can happen once you live there but also because of all the work that is involved to complete the transition. You have to be ready to spend weeks planning, booking and acquiring anything you need before you can even begin and then the long process of packing and the backbreaking labour of shifting your boxes and furniture. Possessing all the resources you need will ensure that it all goes smoothly as long as you are prepared for every job and all possible problems. Cleaning isn’t something that we would usually have on our to do list when relocating but it’s an important step. You have to have you old abode polished, washed and tidied top to bottom before you can relinquish it to new tenants and so you better get scrubbing. However, you can find yourself with little time to dedicate to such a pursuit and if that’s the case, you should ask for some support. House Cleaning is ready to handle all of your cleaning chores in Ilford as soon as you call us on 02033 977 817.

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Ilford is in the eastern part of London and within the Borough of Redbridge and the IG1 postcode district. It is one of the thirty-five major centres within the region and is a major retail location and is the fastest growing tourist destination in Europe. The area was mentioned in the Domesday Book and named Greater Ilford. A mammoth skull was discovered here in 1860, possibly putting its history back tens of thousands of years. In the 18th century Ilford acted as an important stop between London and Colchester and it’s proximity to the River Roding also made it a significant location. Urban development replaced all of the rural aspects of the town and new businesses opened alongside the railway. Ilford Photo opened around this time and was very successful, as was later electronics company Plessey. In just over one-hundred years, the population skyrocketed and as the area became a more popular place to live. Ilford  cleaners IG1, IG2 carpet cleaning

Ilford is now a diverse place, people with such national backgrounds as South Asia, Ireland and Poland, which also means there is a great deal of diversity when it comes to religion. There are two non-league football clubs based here and it engineer John Logie Baird worked here when inventing the television. If you would like to know more about Ilford then make sure you visit the Redbridge council website.

So you know about Ilford and you know about the importance of post tenancy cleaning so where do we come in. House Cleaning hires many skilled individuals who we can deploy to your home whenever you need them. They will apply their abilities to clean and type of room and all the objects and surfaces found within them. Over the phone, we can give you invaluable advice and information, as well as provide a free, no commitment quote. Our staff can operate at a time that is convenient for you and you don’t even have to be in attendance while they work. We can do much more and are eager to tell you about it so get in touch with us today.