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Need a reliable carpet cleaning service in Palmers Green? We at House Cleaning can offer you a large range of one time or regular cleaning service for your flat, house or office. Servicing the cleaning needs of the Palmers Green area for roughly 15 years we're proud to count many of our neighbors and friends as some our most valued customers. So if you're located in or around the Palmers Green area, feel free to call us anytime on 020 3397 7817. Our friendly representatives will provide you with information about our discounts and special offers in your area.

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As most people’s days are consumed with work, meeting relatives and friends, cooking dinner and so on, there is little time left for cleaning. Whilst many may feel that cleaning isn’t a priority, it certainly is an important chore to carry out nonetheless. Unless you want to work in or come home to a dirty environment, it is necessary to clean on a regular basis. You’ll be quite surprised by how much of a positive impact can have on your mood. It will boost your mood right up because you’ll be surrounded by a clean and tidy environment. It does not matter whether it is your home or office that needs cleaning, both are equally important. Possessing a clean office will indeed look impressive to a client. Welcoming a customer into a grimy office, on the other hand, will make he or she feel uncomfortable and certainly unimpressed. A clean office promotes a healthy clientele. As for your domestic property, it is nice to come home to a clean house. It will make your feel relaxed and you won’t have that burden lingering on your shoulders anymore because the cleaning will have been done for you. For both your domestic or commercial property, we offer all the services you will ever need. Call us now on 02033 977 817 to find out more.

N13 is part of the Northern London postcode area and covers the Palmers Green district. Palmers Green is located in the London Borough of Enfield and is home to a huge population of Turkish Cypriots and Greeks. Palmers Green was once a hamlet and its population was excessively small. For years the area remained undeveloped. That was until 1902, when large amounts of land were sold and this was when the area began to develop quite quickly. Notable buildings in Palmers Green include Truro House and Broomfield House, but unfortunately both of these Houses are in a rather appalling state due to neglect. It is also well-known for its Intimate Theatre, which a numerous amount of actors have performed in, such as Vivien Leigh, Richard Attenborough, David Bowie and Roger Moore. In present day, Palmers Green is a rather bustling place, full of shops, pubs and restaurants. The high street of Palmers Green was in fact the area in which the Knight Bus scene of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was filmed. Areas close to Palmers Green include Wood Green, Enfield Town, Southgate, and Tottenham. There are also many churches in Palmers Green such as Saint Monica’s Church, Palmers Green Baptist Church and St John’s Church. To find out more, visit the council website of the London Borough of Enfield.

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We are proud to say that we are, by far, the best cleaning service around offering the best, most competitive prices. You can’t lose when you choose us. Here is our range of services: Upholstery cleaning, oven cleaning, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, builder cleaning and office cleaning. Our excellent team of cleaners carries out each and every service, and we promise you, you won’t be at all disappointed by the results they provide. Once they have worked their magic on your property, you won’t believe it could ever look so clean and smell so fresh. As we mentioned previously, our services are completely affordable to all, so it is indeed a luxury you can afford. You don’t have to put up with working in a dirty office or returning to a grimy home, because we can help you at a price you can afford. Please call today on 02033 977 817 for a free quote.

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