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Need a reliable carpet cleaning service in Battersea? We at House Cleaning can offer you a large range of one time or regular cleaning service for your flat, house or office. Servicing the cleaning needs of the Battersea area for roughly 15 years we're proud to count many of our neighbors and friends as some our most valued customers. So if you're located in or around the Battersea area, feel free to call us anytime on 020 3397 7817. Our friendly representatives will provide you with information about our discounts and special offers in your area.

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Perhaps you thought professional cleaning was only necessary for large projects. The experience of the experts at House Cleaning is different, and that is why they provide innovative solutions. In addition to commercial clients with construction projects, more and more private home builders turn to us to rid them of the troublesome side effects of the construction process. For each phase, we also support your construction or renovation projects with individual construction cleaning, with a wide range of options. You may wonder if a stress free building is even possible, but after calling us at 02033 977 817, you will find it to be more than just a possibility, but an actual certainty! As a home, land or property owner, you know that construction, whether on a residential or commercial property, new construction or conversion, even with the most careful planning and technical assistance tends to be an adventure. You have to deal with incalculable risks, uncertainties and fears. We will help you free yourself of any additional stress. Targeted construction cleaning before and during the construction process, as well as the final cleaning, will ensure that your building site always offers the best conditions for a smooth, unimpeded course of construction. The builders cleaning SW11 clients have access to makes your work easier. You do not want to jeopardize your scheduled entry into new commercial facilities, which is no problem, as our stringent standards are almost certain to be of great benefit to you.

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The area South West of London is a district called Battersea, which is covered within the SW11 postcode area. It is situated on the southern side of the River Thames. Nowadays it is largely known for being affluent; it is still characterized by bouts of inequality due to the positioning of poorer council estates within its boundaries. It was formerly a Thames island settlement that was reclaimed by draining the marshland and building culverts for the surrounding waters. Most of the area was previously farmland but in recent times wealthy people have built private country retreats in Battersea and its surrounding areas. This area is steeped in controversy and is a wealth of pivotal historical events that are showcased on the local council’s website. The council has launched a campaign called SW11TCH to encourage and educate locals about the area. Some of the attractions found within its boundaries are the New Covent Garden Market which is a large wholesale market that offers fresh vegetables and fruit. The Battersea Power Station is one landmark that is easily recognized in the area and there are talks of converting it into a commercial entertainment centre. But the one thing that made this town a household name worldwide was the documentary that was aired on the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. It is the largest and most well known haven for abandoned and stray cats and dogs in the UK. Of course due to the history of the railway in this area it stands to reason that it will boast the UK’s busiest station commonly known as Clapham Junction. Of course this district also hosts numerous markets and festivals and the SW11 Literacy Festival is well known throughout the UK. Battersea residents are an extremely proud community that would heartily welcome any visitors to their town.
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For larger construction projects, you can make use of continuous maintenance cleaning. House Cleaning frees large plots of space in construction sites by doing professional cleaning on everything that needs doing in the daily interaction of several disciplines. Building materials, construction debris, as well as many other problems will be well-addressed with a call to 02033 977 817.