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Need a reliable carpet cleaning service in SW1Y? We at House Cleaning can offer you a large range of one time or regular cleaning service for your flat, house or office. Servicing the cleaning needs of the SW1Y area for roughly 15 years we're proud to count many of our neighbors and friends as some our most valued customers. So if you're located in or around the SW1Y area, feel free to call us anytime on 020 3397 7817. Our friendly representatives will provide you with information about our discounts and special offers in your area.

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Proper SW1Y cleaning is not simply a matter of a quick sweep or vacuuming, in fact it involves a lot more; comprehensive clean ups is part of our expertise and for House Cleaning employees it means leaving no corner of your home with a single speck of dust. One area that we are particularly strict about is how we clean your kitchen; here our SW1Ykitchen cleaning experts are let loose with their specialized hi-tech equipment that will remove built up grease from your oven without damaging the protective linings; and the same tools are used to gently remove grime from those hard to reach corners in ones kitchen. This is used in conjunction with special anti-bacterial cleaning products that will also kill off harmful bacteria. So even if this is the only area of the home that you need us to come out and help with, call 02033 977 817 and we will gladly be of assistance.

Located in the City of Westminster is the London postcode area of SW1Y or St. James’s Park. This twenty three hectare park is the oldest Royal Park in London and is furthest south of the St. James area. As it has Buckingham Palace as its western boundary and The Mall as well as St. James’s Palace on the north, to the east the Horse Guards and to the south Birdcage Walk; it is the most famous of all parks in Britain. If one looks east off of the Blue Bridge one will have a gorgeous view across the lake with the palace and the London Eye in the distance. It is without a doubt one of the most mystical of all places, where any one could fantasize about being part of royalty. Additionally, the park has West Island and Duck Island situated on the St. James’s Park Lake. The park forms part of several parks in the area including Hyde Park, which has the monumental Queen Elizabeth Gate or Grand Entrance. Green Park as well as Kensington Gardens makes up the trio of parks which combined form a continuous stretch of open land that reaches all the way from Whitehall through to Kensington. Green Park meets with St. James’s Park at the site of the Victoria Memorial which is opposite Buckingham Palace’s entrance at Queen’s Gardens. Green Park tube station is one of the major interchanges on the Piccadilly, Jubilee and Victoria lines. The SW1Y postcode area of St James’s Park offers some of the biggest tourist attraction in the UK within its surrounding areas. All of the parks in this area have many prominent landmark features and statues that make up the overall allure of the city of London. St James’s Park is one site that one will have to visit numerous times and will leave an imprint on one’s heart.

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As we are additionally an SW1Y cleaning agency you will be able to also call on us at 02033 977 817 to order your own personal cleaner. Of course this will mean that you could end up being ridiculously spoilt every day; but that is what we are here for and if that is all that you require of us; then House Cleaning is the right company for you. Many people believe that SW1Y cleaning contractors are only reserved for corporate or wealthy clients, but this is not necessarily the case. We work on being able to offer our services to everyone regardless of who they are and this is what makes us so unique. All of our packages or completely flexible in how they are designed; this means that they will suit even the tightest budget and there is no need to book months in advance either. So call us today and get the best cleaners on the market to let you be queen for as long as you want. Be sure to have a look at the local council’s website to find out more on the area as well as what other great services are available.